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Leading global law firm

The impact of Covid-19 was wide-reaching, impacting so much of everyday life – and the legal system was no exception.  Our client, a top global law firm based in California, needed to find an on-line solution for a trial involving multiple counsels, litigants, witnesses and court officials.


They approached us because they knew of our expertise in helping presenters to put their best foot forward. We have always worked with speakers to help them shine and have particular expertise in virtual presentations. Although some people may be expert witnesses, they may not be experts at presenting in an on-line environment.

We have years of experience in assisting all levels of witnesses to raise their game: enabling them to deliver important information clearly and with confidence.  This is invaluable to our clients as they manage multiple witnesses who all need to excel.


It quickly became apparent that there was another way we could help, and we worked with the client’s team to create a “studio” in their San Francisco offices to serve as the hub for their activity. In addition, we sent out remote kits to those who were unable to make the journey to California, ensuring that they would look and sound perfect for their presentations or testimony.


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