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Ben Eady - April 29, 2022 - 2 min read 

Deadly sin 1. Thou shalt not confuse the platform with the content.

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With so many new technologies exploding on the market, every day feels like Christmas; but in the race to be the

first to show off your new toy, don’t be rushed into

posting hastily thought-out content that offers little

more than fleeting novelty. It takes time for new

frontiers to mature and show their genuine potential.

Do not fear: there are universal truths that transcend our world of constant innovation. Here’s my top four: 

1) Behind every VR headset, mobile device, or screen there’s an actual human being. Edward Bernays, father of modern PR and propaganda (and nephew to Sigmund Freud), knew that the ultimate way to connect and influence people was through emotions. Your content needs to have meaning plus be relatable or its value will be short-lived. 

2) Content is still king. Beware of click KPIs – clicks are import but they don’t always translate into real engagement. New generations of consumers don’t like being advertised to and hate being deceived. They expect brands to generously deliver meaningful content that takes a stand on the issues they find important.

3) Depth over design. Yes, create something beautiful, but remember window dressing only goes so far. Your content must be truly engaging and entertaining or your audience will switch off. Production values are important but so is authenticity – which is why social media influencers often “keep it real” for their audiences by ditching the filters and high-gloss finish. Understand your audience and which approach works best for them. 

4) Know your audience at both macro and micro levels. If your content lacks genuine insight or stereotypes your audience, they will see right through you and feel ostracized. Arm yourself with the insights to identify what really matters, even tailoring content to individuals or push boundaries with something controversial or disruptive.

Whatever your objective, don’t let the frame dictate the painting – any new platform provides fresh challenges, limitations, and possibilities but it should never limit your creativity or ability produce something that matters – to you and to your audience.

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