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Ben Eady - September 29, 2022 - 3 min read 

Robot artist AI wide copy.jpg

This article has been written by an AI. Or has it? Would you even know?

Around the world, thousands of creative egos are being knocked off their pedestals to be smashed to the ground because they’re realizing that their perceived creative genius may soon be replaced by AI.

We all knew that AI would supplant many professions in the future, but not many expected one of the first heads on the block would be the visual arts. That’s exactly what’s happened: AI-generated art is already redefining how we originate art and design, and it’s still only in its infancy.


What’s most shocking is just how good it can be and how almost anyone can successfully create something cool with minimal effort or experimentation. In the same way that cameras replaced portrait painters and computers replaced typesetters, there’s no doubt that AI will have a huge impact on the creative industries within a few years.


The truth is, in this digital era, the creative world has in some ways become lazy. It’s become easier to create amazing digital effects; to dazzle the audience visually rather than engage them with insight, ideas, and authentic content.  So, is creativity doomed to the whims of algorithms and whizz-bang AI distractions?

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Binary code translation for dumb humans: “All is not lost”


AI is the proverbial kick-up-the-backside that the creative industry needs, to work harder and stop reskinning the same old schtick. For human creativity to stay relevant we will need to rediscover our roots, and again make “the idea” king. AI is an executional tool, but the beautiful images it creates are merely wallpaper until they’re brought to life communicating concepts that connect; that resonate with the audience.


When we do this right, AI becomes an incredible tool to be harnessed. This precedent has already been set – for decades many contemporary fine artists have been working conceptually while contracting out production of the physical artworks to workshops and assistants; the true value of the artwork is in the innovative thinking that gave it meaning rather that the production quality.

Many of us are already using AI daily; to make previously unfeasible concepts an everyday reality; applying it to image manipulation, character animation, text-to-voiceover and even blog writing (Still wondering about this article?) We’re only beginning to understand the possibilities of AI and AI is just getting to know us in return.


If there’s one thing history shows us, if we battle the onward march of technology we are destined to fail – if we embrace its possibilities then a whole new universe of creativity and imagination opens up.


I know which future I prefer.

P.S. The image accompanying this article has been AI generated. I’ll leave you guessing about the copy.

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